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All About Online shopping

Online buying and selling become an important part of every person’s life. Online shopping allows the customer to shop from home without any pressure from a salesperson. With the regular increase of technology, many businesses switched them. Online shopping benefited both the organisation and its customers. The organisation gets to interact with the direct customer through the internet and get to know the user’s actual requirement. The customer can easily pick the product as per its expectation, place the order, and deliver the ordered at its doorstep.

Here are some of the advantages of online shopping

  1. Shop as per the convenience: – Customer can shop from anywhere according to its comfort level from their home or workplace. Shopping becomes very convenient for those customers who shopped through the internet. The customer can easily cancel or refund the product if they don’t like the same.
  2. Online shopping saves time: – The customer does not need to go outside or stand in a long queue. They need to place an order from their homes or workplace, and they do not need to spend time travelling. They can check out the product through the internet, then pay online or any other method and then get the delivery at your place.
  3. Availability of online shopping: – The best benefit of online shopping is you can do it 24 X 7 whenever you want to shop, place an order. In case of any emergency, you need any product in a very short time, You can place an order, and you can get it in your place, and you can place an order anytime.
  4. Online Tracking: – Once you place an order online, you can check the tracking of your product if it dispatched or not. Or the product is laying in which place etc. You can regularly check out the status of your product.
  5. Comparison: – In online marketing, the companies display the whole product offers by them to attract customer having different choices. This will help customers choose the various types of products like the prices, features, display, prices, etc.

As the internet helps us in various way, especially in online shopping. Through the internet, the customer can easily purchase a product. But there are several disadvantages which are seen while you are doing online shopping:-

  1. Quality of the product: – In online shopping, we can see the product on the website and see the features, but we cannot touch the product and cannot identify the product’s quality. When we did online shopping many times, the various customer has to face the quality issue due to this, the customer will not satisfy and will not recommend the same for future shopping.
  2. Delay in delivery: – The delay in delivery issues has been faced by many customers due to lack of management or busy schedule some time, the shipment got delayed. The make customer frustrate because sometime the delivery of product takes 2 to 3 working weeks.
  3. Frauds in online shopping: – For better comfort, the maximum customer pay for their order before the delivery of the product, but the online payment is not much secure. There are several frauds in every online platform. The customer has to be careful in showing or entering its details.
  4. Lack of interactions: When you purchase from any physical store, you can negotiate a product’s prices through bargaining. The showroom sales executive will attend to you throughout your shopping. Still, in online shopping, the prices are fixed, and you can’t negotiate with anyone online, and you can’t get any interaction with any person online.
  5. Lack of shopping experience: – In online shopping, you will not go outside, so you cannot get the benefit of fun or enjoyment you can feel in the mall, showroom. You cannot get the sales attendants who can show you various product. Many customers enjoyed going out and doing shopping, but you can enjoy these things in online shopping.

Online shopping VS Offline Shopping

Online vs offline is such an endless competition. The customer chooses to sop as per their preference. Some love to do offline shopping, and some customer enjoyed online shopping & some prefer both the way to do shopping. Here are some of the below points where we can see which shopping is more preferable.

  • If you have an online business you can easily manage, it is more affordable than a physical shop. An online product can make more profit as a comparison to offline shopping.
  • Online shopping is very helpful if you are not feeling like go outside or don’t want to stand in a queue or the markets. Then you can prefer online shopping as the best way to buy the product. In contrast, Offline shopping is an option where you wanted to buy products after proper verification for the same, such as quality, specification, and negotiating prices.
  • It has been seen and identified that people are spending more time on an online purchase than offline purchase. For offline purchase, people used to visit the showroom to enjoy the atmosphere and do their shopping.
  • While doing online shopping, there are high chances of online fraud. But in the offline shop, you are paying for the product face to face, so there is no chance of fraud in this shopping.
  • There is a major disadvantage we can face in online shopping is delivery charges in every order you have to pay delivery charges due to this many customers refuse to places orders. They prefer to do offline shopping because you do not need to pay any shipping or extra amount of delivery or placing an order in offline shopping. You only have to pay for the product.

Compared to online shopping and offline shopping, both are the best way to shop conveniently. There should be a preference of a particular person, which can be changed as per the situation. But both marketing is important for the customers.  Shopping has evolved in every possible way to meet changing demands.