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Different Kind of Shoppers and Why Do People Do Shopping

Shopping is a term that is defined as buying goods that suit your comfort and give you the most satisfaction and utility. one may do the Shopping for a branded product and maybe a product that the locals produce. The customers’ motive is only their satisfaction from the products they buy, not the branding. Most people prefer branded things because they look attractive and easy to choose, whereas locally produced things are not that attractive but serve the same motive as the branded ones. The brands target only those or only that group of the society that can afford their products; they do not think rationally for everybody, and why would they.

Shopping is an activity in which the customer browses through a list of products or entities showcased by the retailer and then chooses the desired product, which he has to buy from many products. He pays the specific price for the desired product, and in return, he gets It is the product.

It is the process of Shopping.

Shopping is of basically two types:

  • Online Shopping
  • Offline Shopping

You might have faced a situation where you like the product that is more attractive and also more expensive, and the product that you do not like that much is a bit cheaper.

History of Shopping

For hundreds and thousands of years, humans have been exchanging and trading goods. Earlier, the barter system prevailed in India, but later currency came into existence. The barter system was one such system where things were exchanged between people according to their respective needs. When currency came into existence, the barter system was removed. After that, goods were exchanged in return for money. Certain prices were fixed for different goods, and that amount had to be paid to the retailer to buy specific goods.

So let us see how to get the shopkeeper to the agreed-upon both price and what kind of shopper are you

  1. The first and the most common kind of shopper is the bargaining shopper. Bargaining shoppers are those who can buy things at the lowest price they can get from the shopkeeper. Bargaining shoppers are the ones who easily get attracted towards discounts, online codes, etc. you might also have witnessed an aunt in your neighbourhood who buys things at a lower cost and then brags about it.
  2. The second kind is a researcher. A researcher is a person who wants value for his money. He would select only those products which he is out to stay within the budget. A researcher researches the product because he wants that the product must be worth it. Most people who own gadgets that are cheaper but provide the same service and are durable are the researchers; the rich do not need to research anything. They are the ones who know the language of brands.
  3. The third kind is an impulse buyer. As the name suggests, an impulse buyer is the one who sees the things and then cannot control himself not to buy the unnecessary item that is going out of his budget. For example, you go to the mall, you liked a lamp, and then you end up buying a lamp, then you are this kind of buyer.
  4. The fourth one is the negotiator. A negotiator is that kind of buyer who knows the worth of the item and then dares to speak with the salesman for the price that is worth it. A negotiator is the most aware shopper in the room because when other shoppers see the price tag, they pay the same like a herd of sheep.
  5. The fifth one is the loyalist shopper. These kinds of shoppers generally buy and try one brand and do not bother to shift to any other brands because they are attached to the brand.

Types of Shopping

There are two types of Shopping which are online and offline Shopping. Nowadays, as the use of the internet increases in popularity day by day, online shopping gas also becomes more and more popular than earlier.

These are a variety of benefits that the mode of online Shopping offers in comparison to offline Shopping. These benefits are

  • There are a wide variety of products available online from all over the world. Hence you can select from a wide variety.
  • You need not go to different stores to buy different products or items.
  • It saves time and money too.
  • You can track your order whenever you wish to.
  • Online stores also offer huge discounts on their products. Thus the prices are much lower than the usual retail stores.
  • Comparison can also be done on different brands and products.

On the other hand, some people don’t find it suitable to buy products online as they have concerns about the products’ quality.

While in offline or traditional Shopping, there are many kinds of shoppers which are:

  • The bargain shopper
  • The researchers
  • The impulse buyers
  • The negotiator
  • The loyalist
  • The man on a mission

Thus, Shopping is necessary as well as a fun activity to do. An individual does Shopping when he needs something and then just gets lost in the ocean of various other products that soothes them. A man on a mission is also a kind where a person is on a mission to buys the product he desires within the fastest period he can. The cost of that product does not matter at that time because that person is on the clock. It was everything about the types of shoppers, what is shopping and why do people do Shopping. The best shopper is the one who buys a product from the perspective of all the buyers mentioned above.

One always feels happy after shopping from a store or online. We earn to splurge. Money is the basic necessity of today’s life, and without it, nothing is possible. The more you earn, the more you can spend and enjoy. So, work hard and spend more!