Shopping And The Types Of Shoppers Online

Shopping is an activity in which the customers engage with looking after the goods and services available in any retail store to buy them. Online shopping refers to buying products that are available on various e-commerce websites. In both types of shopping, a customer needs to be patient enough to select and buy the right products or services for themselves. With the rise of the covid-19 pandemic globally, the demand for online shopping increased as people were forced to stay at their homes. You will come to know about the pros and cons of shopping online further below.

Pros Of Shopping Online

  • You can purchase the products or services by staying at your home- In case your mood is off and you don’t want to go outside, you can shop online to lift your mood. If the weather conditions are bad, then it is also a preferred option to shop online.
  • Availability of coupons for discounts- It is a higher probability to find discounted coupons on the online retail websites then the actual store. For example, if you want to buy any electronic gadget, you can easily find its discounted price in the online store.
  • You can shop for the goods anytime- The option to shop online is available for 24 hours. Thus at your convenience, you can shop anytime online.
  • The variety of online stores- If you live in an area where there fewer shops located around, then online shopping is best for you. Most of the products that aren’t available in local shops or small cities can be purchased online from different online websites.
  • You don’t need to worry about taking care of your kids while shopping from online stores.
  • Anyone’s credit or debit card can be used during online shopping.
  • You can easily compare prices of a product from different websites to find the best deal through online medium compared to visiting different physical stores for comparison shopping.
  • You don’t need to wait in queues for billing of the purchased products.
  • To gift the products to your distant friends, many online stores now offer the option of sending the product that you wish to gift wrapped without including any invoice to your distant loved one’s place. This reduces your time to courier it personally.

Cons Of Shopping Online

  • It takes more time to find a general product online- If you wish to buy some anniversary gift for your parents, looking for different kinds of gifts in that category on an online website will take more time than just strolling in the actual gift store purchasing an anniversary gift.
  • You are limited to using credit or debit cards for making payment on an online store.
  • It takes time to receive the products which are purchased online.
  • There is a lack of emotional connect with the seller as in physical markets.
  • There are more chances of getting addicted while shopping online than at physical stores.
  • It is difficult to return and ask for a refund in case of online shopping.
  • Many stores online include shipping charges for delivering products, which increases the cost of the actual product.

Types Of Online Shoppers

To turn your one time customers into repeated customers, you need to be aware of the shopping tendencies of different types of shoppers online. A few of the types of online shoppers are

  • Wandering shoppers- These are the type of online shoppers that try to look at everything available online with no to little guarantee to purchase anything. Such shoppers can boost your website’s traffic yet lower sales. Their purchasing ability can be restricted due to the many options available at the checkout page to make the payment finally. To boost their purchasing power, you can make the simplest design of the checkout page, such that they need just to enter the credit card details and make the final payment after selecting a product to purchase.
  • Discount seekers- The majority of the shoppers fall under this category who keep moving from one online store to another to get the best deals on a particular product. They will compare the same product’s features on different online websites before making the final purchase at a discounted price. Thus, there are fewer chances of getting any customer loyalty to make a repeat purchase from your website. To attract discount seekers, you can divert their focus from the features to the benefits of a particular product that has been sold on other online stores as well. On looking at the benefits, the attention of discount seekers can shift from the price to the product’s value and make them a repeated customer.
  • Impulse buyers- Such type of shoppers, are similar to wandering shoppers who purchase products based on their impulses. Impulse buyers are always in search of the latest and trending products before making any purchase. Thus, to keep them engaged on your online website, you can update them about the latest products through email marketing campaigns and newsletters.
  • Loyal customers-These types shoppers like to remain loyal to your brand and are repeated customers. However, less in number, they contribute to the population of repeated customers who are meant to be loyal to your brand and promote your brand to others. To make them feel special, you can give them VIP loyalty membership, the type of shoppers who can get special offers on every purchase, etc.
  • Need-based customers- Need-based customers are likely to make informed choices before purchasing any product. They will do proper research by comparing the products on different websites before making the final purchase. To keep these types of customers hooked on your website, you can include video tutorials of some beauty products, etc. and a blog to give research-based information on a particular product.

Thus, with the knowledge of the online shoppers’ types and benefits of online shopping, you can modify your online website to improve online customers’ shopping experience. Briefly, online shopping has greater advantages over shopping in a physical store.