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Shopping Can Be Both A Luxury And A Necessity

Shopping can be an enjoyment for someone and a bore for another. It can be seen as a hobby by a few and a necessity by others. Shopping can mean buying or purchasing products, which can be necessary things like everyday cosmetics or clothes and even fancy outfits or regular groceries. The mood and need are the dependant factor for the person. These days there are numerous choices from where to shop; it can be from offline stores or online sites or various brands’ applications. 

The different types of sources for shopping can be

  • Physical stores: These physical stores keep launched and trendy products, and it is available for almost every type of product. It can be physical stores that have furniture, apparel, household items, etc.; there are different names for such physical stores. They are named based on their size and the types of products, and the range of items they keep. Departmental stores have differentiated departments that contain separate types of items ranging from food to clothes and even shoes and sportswear. A super-market also has a wide range of products, mostly food items like fresh fruits and vegetable preservatives, snacks, meat, and other non-vegetarian items and even milk and water.¬†

  • Online sites:¬†Shopping from online sites and portals is called online shopping and is a convenient way to shop as the customer need not come out of their homes for it but rather enjoy the joy of shopping from the comfort of their homes. Online sites and apps represent either a single brand they are authorised under the name of or have a mixture of various brands to choose from. At most times, physical stores are slowly opening up and also creating their online presence because of the ease of owning an internet setup at every home. Therefore, mostly what is not available in the brand’s online stores can be available in their physical retail stores. If it is unavailable in their physical stores, the customer can try their luck and look it up on the brand’s online site or application. This scarcity exists because when the item is available only in the retail stores, then the restocking is not done from the warehouses; therefore, it is unavailable. But if it is available online and not in the physical stores, it can be shipped from the warehouse directly without reaching the retail stores.

There are pros and cons for everything, and that applies to shopping as well.

The advantages and disadvantages of shopping can be

Advantages of online shopping:

  • The biggest advantage of online shopping can be that it saves a lot of time and extra effort for the individual who does it compared to the person who goes physical shopping to offline stores.
  • The other advantage is that it can offer much more variety because even if it is not available in the offline stores because of the limited stock in the display space, in online stores it can be displayed through the screen as it comes directly from the warehouses, which does not need extra physical space to be stored like retail stores. 
  • Online shopping for groceries and perishable goods is much more convenient through mobile apps and online stores. As these are everyday needs, it is easier to order from your homes’ comfort than go out daily to buy a few things as it is limited to its shelf capacity. 

The disadvantages of online shopping can be

  • The goods in online shopping can be much pricier than those in offline stores because of the added costs like shipping and delivery, which cannot be omitted, especially with the huge number of customers. 
  • Online shopping limits the customer from various extended services like instore assistance o guidance through the new and hidden items that are not on display which the customer can easily overlook because of mindless scrolling in online shopping.
  • Even if you buy an item, the product will take time to come and reach your doorsteps, even if it takes a day or two. Therefore, the customer has to wait to use their purchased items until it arrives, sometimes taking weeks.

The advantages of instore physical shopping

  • The customers always check or try out their items before purchasing, especially if it is in apparel. If it is a preserved item, they can check for the manufacturing and expiry dates themselves and be aware of such information before purchasing it. 
  • The physical stores have salespersons who assist you in any problem like looking for a size, an item, or even telling you about future sales or new stock will yet to come, so you know it.
  • The perks of purchasing in-store or in retail shops are that they can start using their items immediately after paying. They can even wear the purchased item straight after buying them in the store itself if the customer wishes to. 

The disadvantages of offline shopping are

  • The range can be limited, and at times, even if the products are available, they can still be unavailable in the customer’s desired size, which can be disheartening. As it is a physical store, storage and display are limited; therefore, such problems. 
  • Offline shopping can be time-consuming and tiring at the same time if a person especially does not enjoy it. For everyday use items like groceries, getting it from the market daily can take a lot of energy and go to the store for a single or few items.

Then there are retail stores which are a separate identity that represent a certain brand and their products, which is mostly apparel and shoes. In these types of stores, the customers can buy their necessary items or the products they like and purchase them for themselves. The process of shopping in physical stores is simple as one needs to go to a store of their choice depending on what they want to buy and choose the final item they wish to purchase and pay for it.