The Change In Shopping Pattern Due To Innovation And Covid-19

Shopping has always been considered the most natural way to kill time and relax the mind and body. It is always seen that people step out for shopping when they need some things when they feel bored sitting at one place or when they need to relax. The study reveals that looking at new things at shopping malls and shops gives satisfaction to mind that no other thing can. Today’s style of living of the people is way more different from that of the earlier generation. People are always busy and usually have no time. It created a need for several innovations to make a common man’s life easier to buy essentials for home, family, and self. Online shopping or e-commerce is one of them. Shopping directly from the seller on the internet using any web browser or a particular mobile application is online shopping. In online shopping, a consumer has the advantage of comparing the prices of the product from a different website and then making his choice. Buying or selling with the click of the mouse was not always possible. Virtually exchanging all kinds of goods and services is only possible due to the creation of e-commerce.

Origin of online shopping

The evolution of online shopping was only possible due to the evolution of the internet. Earlier, the platform was used for the advertisement purpose of the product. Then with the emergence of the web, it moved to actual shopping motives. The main motive of starting online shopping was for senior citizens’ convenience as it becomes difficult for them to step out of the house to buy groceries and essentials. Within a short period, it became a true success. Every invention has its hero, who appears out of the blue and creates something unique and unusual. The hero of online shopping is Michael Aldrich. He is the man behind this extraordinary invention. In 1979, Micheal Aldrich, with his wife, created an online supermarket. For a start, he started with the sale of groceries. It was his idea that caught everyone’s attention.

Benefits of online shopping

There are myriad advantages of online shopping. Some of the major advantages are listed below.

  • One of the key benefits of online shopping is convenience. Since people do not like to waste much time in this modern time, this method reduces the time spent on shopping and reduces the efforts needed to visit an actual physical store. It is an extremely convenient shopping process. Just by sitting on your couch, you can look for innumerable products with a click. You can enjoy shopping anywhere and at any time.
  • One of the other major benefits of online shopping is it is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Every generation can enjoy online shopping as it is very simple to use. A consumer with both android and ios can use this application on their smartphone.
  • You can always do a good amount of research before buying any product as the internet gives you numerous information on any product. The review section can also help the customer to make their decision.
  • Products on the online platform are cheaper than those of a physical store as they come straight from the manufacturer. Online sites offer good deals and discounts. Also, you save your money which you otherwise use for travelling to the physical store.
  • A consumer can make a good comparison of price and quality on different sites before buying a product. Many online tools for such purposes are also available on the internet.
  • Since shopping is done on e-commerce platforms, people doubt the mode of payment and safety in online transactions. Given the safety guidelines, all the payment made online passes through a seizure gateway and no information of the customer is leaked, and zero fraud policy is used.

Difference between offline and online shopping

  • The keystone of offline shopping is that it allows you to touch and experience the product, which is impossible in the online method. You barely get any idea by staring at the images on your screen. The feel of the dress’s texture or any product is needed while making any shopping decision that is only possible in traditional shopping.
  • In online shopping, you do not get your product simultaneously; there is a need to wait for a minimum of three days before actually getting the product on your hand. It is a major drawback of online shopping. In offline shopping, you immediately get the product once the payment is done, and you can then show it to your friends and loved ones.
  • The prices of the product are always fluctuating in online shopping. It would be best to wait for the price drop while shopping or miss the best deal. Immediate purchase is not possible in online shopping. However, in offline shopping, the customer is ensured that the product they are getting is of the best reasonable rate. It is frustrating to look for deals constantly. It would be best if you always were the queen while shopping, not the deal hunter.
  • Even though every leading online website claims an easy return, we all know what the truth is. Returns are never easy; it comes with many complicated processes. While in the local stores you can quickly return the product just in one visit.
  • Online buying misses out on the most important factor of shopping, bargaining. You cannot enjoy the process of bargaining in online shopping, like offline shopping.

The people who wish to spend quality time go out shopping or surf various e-commerce websites hunt for something new and unique to purchase. The buying behaviour of customers has led various brands to re-think their marketing and selling strategy. When you look at shops and shopping malls, you can always find discounts and offers everywhere, because customers are attracted to offers. More the offers you give, the more customers will buy; this is a basic mindset of every customer, which any smart marketer and brand know. When people consider a short outing with friends and family, they head out for shopping as it is the most used method of getting family together.