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The Never Saga Of Shopping

Fashion and trends are always changing factors. Raw materials change, so do the demand and need for various accessories and products. The market has tremendously developed and changed with the passing centuries along with the pace of technology. History has pictured markets and trade in several ways other than business hubs. Some of the instances hold intact still, and yet some other developed. Coins to cards to virtual transactions, the finance for the shopping also grew up with it. It is an interesting journey to traverse through the shopping streets for the earliest days to modern websites.

Advertising And Its Effect On Shopping 

Manufacture of product and service isn’t the only wing of the business. Advertising plays a significant role in sales and profit. There is always a neck-tie competition among the brands to get more customers. Let us go through some advertising tricks which boosted the shopping trade in the world:

• As movie screens came up from theatres, the TV ads also emerged from public acts. The brand promoters used to shout out slogans and catchy phrases in public places and traffic to get the people’s attention.

• Next stage was print media. Access to paper and poster saved the workers from shouts and screams. Colourful posters at market places, bulletin boards or busy offices didn’t miss out on any passer-by.

• Newspaper and radio ads came simultaneously for broadcast. It was perhaps the first channels to get the word beyond borders. The ads cover a sufficient space in the newspapers, and the commercial breaks on TV to this day.

• The latest channel is online blogging and social media. As the older methods persist, smartphones everywhere made the markets use them.

• Of course, people themselves are free ambassadors. Friends and family who go together for shopping recommend several brands among themselves as they found them good.

Shopping was merely a need in primitive days to gather the required supplies, but thanks to the expanding advertising techniques, it has almost become a common hobby these days!

Markets Other Than Shopping

Shopping may not always be for replenishing the dwindling supplies. Sometimes mere time pass can also turn to effective shopping.

1. During the olden days, when news and broadcast weren’t that famous, people relied on fence wall talks. Markets and fairs were the gathering places to meet and greet. Groups of people planned to go to markets together to explore new brands and get trending headlines.

2. Bloggers and reviewers go for intentional shopping. They buy different products and try them out to write reviews. The more they get a positive response, the more the brand is promoted in public, and they can charge the company for publicity.

3. You go shopping but spend other’s money is also possible. The demand for some jobs like interior decor or event managing hires services to arrange the amenities. The workmen select and buy the best fitting and suitable arrangements, and the owner pays for it.

4. Shopping for custom designed products and antiques can be a pleasure and an invisible investment. Vintage and rare items improve the beauty of the surroundings and act as assets of the huge sum. Under the asset’s coverage, purchasing land, property, or vehicles can also be considered.

5. Time-pass scrolling through online marketing sites or walking through the malls is a new hobby. People just set out for the shops to check the outer world and sometimes buy forgotten stuff.

Changing Fashion Choices

Fashion choices changed over time as cultures and styles floated over the seas. The prevailing Western domination of denim or traditional Asian clothes has reached almost every corner of the world. Any man with a phone is a tech-guru these days.

1. Customers know more about the products than the retailers themselves. People specify the products way more accurately than any advertisement could tell. Reviews and descriptions everywhere leave no leaf unturned in the knowledge about the products.

2. The retailers are themselves open books in suggesting the best brands and products. Shoppers seldom need any prior knowledge even to decide what and how much to buy.

3. Mobile nav-sat features help people reach every nook and cranny. Any shop is now an easy reach which wasn’t the past case. People randomly went to shops to get the supplies, and attention to the brand name wasn’t that important. But now, the name has got more value than the product or its features.

Dark Side Of Shopping

Have people always found shopping a pleasure? Didn’t anybody encounter any disadvantages? We might tell and hear not to buy the product and walk away they don’t suit us. But unfortunately, shopping also has its share of disadvantages, be it online or offline.

1. Lot of time waste for busy people. Work and activities seldom give us a chance to spend hours in the shops. We go to the markets with a curated list and get the products straight and correct. Searching and fishing through the racks is sometimes a waste of time with no result.

2. Travel and waiting is also a great deal. Waiting in a queue for the bill or the trial room kills several sacred hours.

3. Comparison with other brands or fellow shops is a null case when we set to street shops. We can’t recollect the prices of every shop and end up in confusion.

4. Online shopping doesn’t allow a physical view. Pictures and photographs are the sole sources to rely on for trusting the product.

5. Wrong addresses may fail the delivery of the orders. The staff may also have difficulty tracking your home in the busy urban lanes.

6. Products we see online may not be as they are. Replacement and repairs are separate headaches that would make street shopping look good.

7. Legitimate sites provide the best services, but fraud cases are also plenty. Tricksters lure innocents with catchy and trendy ads and eventually end up duping them.

Trends will change so will the channels, but the need and the deed will remain intact.